Twitch Service Status

This page will update every minute with a chart showing any possible outages among Twitch services. Each column of dots represents one minute (newest results are on the left), each row of dots represents a geographical region from where the test was made.

A connection was established and everything is working as expected.
A connection was established, but it timed out after 15 seconds of no data. The service may be overloaded or experiencing network problems.
No connection could be established. There may be a network problem between the test server and the Twitch service.
A connection was established but the service responded with an error.

Backend Services

Responsible for connecting the Twitch player to a regional content server.


Token Endpoint


Used by parts of the Twitch site and various 3rd party websites and apps.

Kraken API

Web Frontend

Responsible for serving the Twitch website. web web


Web Content Servers

Responsible for serving assets used around the site.

jtvnw Web CDN (1)

jtvnw Web CDN (2)

ttvnw Web CDN

jtvnw Static CDN

Ingest Servers

Servers that broadcasters use to send their stream to Twitch. These tests simulate an actual stream session and only run from a single location every 15 minutes due to bandwidth constraints.


Asia: Hong Kong

Asia: Seoul, South Korea

Asia: Singapore

Asia: Taipei, Taiwan

Asia: Tokyo, Japan

Australia: Sydney

Berlin, Germany


EU: Amsterdam, NL

EU: Frankfurt, Germany

EU: Lisbon, Portugal

EU: London, UK

EU: Madrid, Spain

EU: Milan, Italy

EU: Milan, Italy Backup

EU: Paris, FR

EU: Prague, CZ

EU: Stockholm, Sweden

EU: Vienna, Austria

EU: Warsaw, Poland


Marseille, France

NA: Mexico City

NA: Quebec, Canada

NA: Toronto, Canada

Salt Lake City, UT

South America: Lima, Peru

South America: Medellin, Columbia

South America: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

South America: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

South America: Sao Paulo, Brazil

South America: Sao Paulo, Brazil

US Central: Dallas, TX

US Central: Denver, CO

US Central: Houston, TX

US East: Ashburn, VA

US East: Atlanta, GA

US East: Chicago

US East: Miami, FL

US East: New York, NY

US West: Los Angeles, CA

US West: Phoenix, AZ

US West: Portland, Oregon

US West: San Francisco, CA

US West: San Jose,CA

US West: Seattle,WA